Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s is a community platform for people seeking a higher meaning of life and truth. We are a free spech community.

What can I do on ?

The platform enables you to publish blog posts, upload images and videos, create interest groups and discuss the beforementioned activities.

Do you have any restrictions ?

We do have some restrictions as to what content you can publish. We don´t tolerate :

* Hate speech

* Harassment

* Promotion of violence

* Paedophilic content

* Content with torture

* Content with child and animal abuse

When you register on this site, you must agree to “Terms and conditions” and “Privacy policy”.

Users who violate the restrictions as described above, will be banned.

How do I turn off email notifications ?

Go to your profile page, find the dropdown to the right of your name. One of the choices are “Preferences”. Select “Preferences”, and then “Notifications”. Here you will different options with regards to email notifications.

Do you have a mobile app available at app stores ?

Our mobile app is under active development. We dont have any date ready yet for when it will be finished.